Free Blank Invoice Template Sample (PDF, Word, and Excel)

Hi everyone, before moving to the main topic “INVOICE TEMPLATE”, firstly you should know that what Invoice mean. In simple easy words invoice is the alternative name of “Bill”. Invoice is basically the summery of bills, showing your sum of services or goods provided to the customer. Hope, now you get to understand what invoice is. Now, these invoices have standard pattern and format on which we can write the details of services or goods provided. The invoice is used in case of EMIs or paying bills also. It includes whole description about the payment by the user or customer. What amount of upfront is release by the customer and pending EMI;s which are decided or need to pay after the certain period of time, all the details are motioned in the invoice.

Free Blank Invoice Template (PDF, Word, and Excel)

Now, you might have the question that how did you get these invoice templates or is there you need to purchase these invoice templates then I would like to inform you that you can easily get these templates on free of cost. These templates are available in the Word, PDF, and Excel format in your system. You can easily access these templates. You do not need to go outside and purchase these templates. In these templates, you can write the number of days or time-span total budget which is divided in to the monthly and certain interval of time.

Here, in this article I will discuss all the invoice templates like different kind of formats of invoice templates different types of invoice templates used in various fields etc.

Firstly, I would like to discuss the format or structure of the invoice template

  • At the top of the invoice template, the main heading consists of word “INVOICE”.
  • Every invoice has the unique reference number so that there should be no confusion regarding the invoice. And every person can easily know about his/her invoice.
  • After that invoice consists of terms of credits.
  • After credits, in the next column there is unit price of the goods you have purchased.
  • After unit price, total amount of the goods or services which is required to pay.
  • Invoice is an official document, so it also consists of tax-related details as well.
  • Template consists of the name of the buyer and sellers also along with contact information.
  • Description of the product.
  • After that it includes the amount which is paid and mode of payment along with the date.
  • The product item you have purchased consists of order number. This invoice includes that order number as well.
  • Date on which the products or goods are delivered to the customer.
  • It also consists of GST or VAT kind of tax details.

So, these are the details which an invoice consists of. Now, we move towards the different kind of invoice templates formats in this article.

  • Invoice Template Word

Now, here I will provide you sample of each every type of Invoice template. Every company wants to access the unique and impressive invoice template of their company. As it will also impression of their company to the customer. Whether the impressive or stylish an invoice is but it does not leave its main purpose or unique it should include all the terms and values which I have explained you in the ABOVE section. In the Word there is variety of invoice templates available and you can perform changes to these templates as per your requirement as well. In the Word, Particular format of the Invoice templates is available, you just need to enter the required values in this templates and then save this template. For the further use you can take the printout of these templates as well.

  • Invoice Template PDF

Other format of Invoice template is Invoice template PDF. PDF means Portable Document Format. That is you can use this template anytime anywhere without performing any changes. Once you have saved the invoice template in the PDF format then nobody can perform changes in this format. It is very Safe format one can easily use.  But remember one thing before saving templates in PDF make sure that all the values you have entered in this PDF format are correct or not. Because once the file is saved it will be difficult for you to make any kind of alterations in this PDF Invoice template. So, make sure that all the required values are present in the correct format in this Invoice template.

  • Blank Invoice Template

Blank Invoice template just includes the standard format. It does not have any values entered in it. For the first time when you are using the invoice template, you need to be the invoice in the blank form. So, that you can enter values in the template as per the customer requirements and the amount the customers has paid to you. In this template you just get the layout of the invoice template and values are entered by you for the later on purposes. This blank invoice is the best option if you are new and firstly you need to go through with the format of the Invoice template. Later on when you start entering values in this template you will gradually understand all the facts and there be functioning as well.  Here, in this article I’m also providing you blank Invoice template. You can use this template for your further use.

  • Excel Invoice Template

One of the best invoice templates according to me is EXCEL invoice template. As the Excel is used to perform calculations, and in case of the invoice we also need to perform calculations of the goods and services provided by us.  So, we should definitely go for the option of Invoice Template Excel. As in Excel, you can perform faster calculations and will get accurate answers as compare to other template options or formats.  You can easily perform editing on this invoice template in Excel. And for security purpose you can use the filter, freeze these kinds of options on the invoice sheet.  So, that no one can perform any kind of alterations on the invoice sheet.

  • Google docs Invoice Template

Google doc’s templates can be publically shared and can be viewed very easily. Suppose you are giving services to the customer who is at the long distance from you and he/she wants to have a look on the invoice. In that case you can use Google Docs Invoice template. The good part of this Google docs invoice template is that. You can just give the customer authority to VIEW the invoice only. The customer can’t perform any kind of alteration in the invoice unless you provide the authority to edit by inviting the customer for this Google docs invoice template. Till then the customer can only view this template. So, this is very safe method also and very easy to use also. As the customer is getting updations of his/her automatically or directly as you are doing updation on the Google Docs’ invoice.

  • Simple Invoice Template

There is simple invoice template option is also available. Sometimes the customer gives all the down payment at first. Or some companies or firms do not like to have option of EMI’s or instalments in that case you can use simple invoice template. Which just include all the basic terms of the company like unique reference number, company name address contact number etc. But in the end it does not contains EMI or instalment option and customer can get this invoice as a onetime service option. In this invoice it also includes all the details or price description of the product also. Simple invoice template can also be impressive, easy to use and can be used for any purpose as well. Here, I’m listing the simple invoice template you can have a look at this:

  • Commercial Invoice Template

Commercial invoice templates are used for commercial services only. This kind of Invoice includes legal terms also. Commercial invoice templates include the heading or title of “COMMERCIAL INVOICE” instead of simple INOVICE. T includes separate unique number.  For the commercial deals the commercial invoice template is used along with the addition of legal terms and conditions in it. It includes all the tax details and duties of the customer. This commercial invoice template can be any kind of format like Word, Excel or PDF.

  • Sample Invoice Template

Here, I will also provide you the sample of Invoice template so that you can easily get all the points i am describing here regarding the invoice. Templates help us to get the layout of a particular thing. It helps to understand all the concepts of the particular thing. Now days we can easily get samples of each and every thing. Similar case is with invoice also. There is large number of various kinds of templates available on the internet. You just need to click on the desired format and you will get that template for free of cost. The good thing is this that these templates are available for the free of cost. We do not need to pay money for this.

  • Freelance Invoice Template

As the technology is getting advanced day by day, many people are now offering work from home. They use to do perform work remotely. You just need not to visit on the particular wok place to perform the task. And if you are doing work remotely then, in this case, the invoice you will get is fallen in the category if Freelance Invoice. People prefer to do work as a freelancer. This is becoming new trend now. People used to get work and many people provide good quality of services as well. In this case, the chances of fraud increases also so, to make sure the person who is providing you work or service as a freelancer is the right person or not can be determined with the help of freelance invoice. Here, I am listing the freelance template of invoice below:

  • Service Invoice Template

Sometimes we do not provide any goods or products but provide services to the customer. Like some company provides services to repair the fault parts of the vehicle. In this case the company has provided service not the product. This is one random example I have listed here, just to make clear the concept of service. In the study institute they provide service of education and in hotel they provide services to stay over there. So, all these kind of services also includes some payments and charges. In this case the invoice template is used known as Service invoice template.  These templates are also similar as other templates but instead of product description it includes service description which is provided to the customer.

  • Sales Invoice Template

Sales invoice template is used when you sale some product or service to the customer. Sales invoice template will consist of all the description of the product and the price, if you have paid only up front and rest of the payment will be delivered of the later on time, then all these things are included in the Sales invoice template. I will provide you the sample of Sales Invoice template here so that you can easily get to know about this type of invoice template.  

  • Pro forma Invoice Template

Pro forma is a kind of Document which is provided by the company or owner to the customer. It includes all the description of the product. It is basically a kind of bill but it is the little bit different from other normal kind of invoice. This Performa invoice template is used when both parties agree on some fixed price of the product and then the deal is done.  This kind of invoice is termed as Proforma invoice.

  • Contractor Invoice Template

When some contract or agreement is done between the customer and the buyer than that invoice lies in the category of Contractor invoice. Sometimes the customer do not only simply purchases some items from the buyer. But the customer and the buyer are related to each other for long term relationship. In this case they are connected with each other in the form of contract. And for a large number of product deals, buyer needs time to complete the task. So, this contractor invoice template is used.

  • Business Invoice Template

For the business deals, business invoice template is used. In the business different kinds of services and product deals happens in the company for this purpose business invoice is used. Here, I will provide you with the sample of business invoice template so that you can also use this template.

  • Auto Repair Invoice Template

When you provide Auto repair services to the customer then auto repair invoice is used.  When you go for the auto repair purpose to the company then they provide you services and if there is any kind of need to change the fault part of the machinery then that is also repaired by the company that means they are providing you the goods or product and the service as well. So, it is the combination of both the things. This kind of invoice is lies in the category of auto repair Invoice template.

Auto Repair Invoice Template

  • Rent invoice Template

Sometimes you do not purchase any product or service but take the product or service on rent in this case rent invoice is used for the bill purpose. Take an example you are living on a room on the rent and you are enjoying all the facilities and services in the room. Or you have taken some place on rent for the business purpose.  In this case the invoice you will get after completion of rent period is comes under Rent invoice template.

  • Medical Invoice Template

When you go for the medical check-up or treatment in the hospital then bill you to get in the end of all the treatments is the MEDICAL invoice template. They do not use the random invoice template. Every hospital has their own invoice system, which includes the charges of the medicines and checks up and treatment charges on the invoice in a detailed manner. Invoice from the medical store or hospitals are termed as the medical invoice.

  • Design Invoice Template

When you deal with the designing purposes like arts, creativity etc then you will need to have design invoice in that case.  Most of the people deal with the companies and product and services task but in case of this kind of designing work, a designing invoice is used.

  • Create an Invoice Template

You can also create an invoice template of your own. For that you just need to have good internet connection. in the word invoice templates you can also perform required changes in the format or colours as per your choice and on the internet there is option of making template by your own by just clicking on the options like the name or other information of the company along with the font format and design options.  And this all things do not require any money you just need to login on the particular site and can make the template of an invoice in that particular site.

  • Email Invoice Template

There is Email invoice option also. For the long-distance customers you can opt the option of Email Invoice template. This kind of templates can be general invoice templates but for email invoice template the buyer needs to know about the emailed of the customer.

Email Invoice Template

This all about the invoice template, if you like this article or think that I have missed some important information to deliver in this article then you can write comments whether positive/negative feedback on the comment section.

Thank you