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There are some qualities you will see in every great leader you ever meet. You will find most of them to be creative, innovative, passionate, honest, inspirational, and empathetic. This makes a good leader someone who is well-rounded, healthy, and full of life. Your word must mean something, you must value hard work, and you need to care for others. These are all qualities you shall master when you visit leadership blogs. Here are some of those blogs you need to visit.
The Great Leadership blog by Dan McCarthy, an expert leadership advisor, shall give you more info on leadership, leadership development, and more. The site was made by someone who know what it takes to make great leaders.
Jesse Lyn Stoner on Leadership is another one, owned by Stoner, who is a business consultant who has over three decades of experience in coaching leaders. She has been awarded severally for her work. There will be plenty of advice for first time managers, as well as those who need advice on operating their business.
OnStartups has plenty of advice for beginner and established entrepreneurs. There may be more focus on software startup subjects, but the advice applies elsewhere too.
There is the Michael Hyatt, a prominent leadership blog. Its writer is an author, leader, speaker, blogger and more. He will cover topics such as goal setting, leadership honing, and successful planning.
Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) encourages you to be a creative leader. You will find it ideal to help you discover more about innovation, future thinking, and creativity in leadership. The material in the article shall be simple and easy to understand.
You shall also appreciate the deep understanding you get on leadership on the Leading from Within blog by Lolly Daskal. You will like the fact that she has been awarded severally for her work, and so knows all you need to about leadership.
You shall also find the style on Leadership Freak to be ideal for delivering insights on leadership to its readers. This makes it easy to digest the material, without spending so much time and energy online.
The Harvard Business Publishing blog is designed to take a complete approach when it comes to matters leadership. The institution can be trusted for its thorough surveys, research and compilation of useful info. This means you shall gain a lot on leadership, teaching skills, innovation, consumer behavior, and more from their blog.
The Random Acts of Leadership blog by Susan Mazza shall help you to add acts of leadership into your activities, the same way people do those of kindness. As time goes, you will have more of leadership habits you acquired ever so slowly.
You will find more leadership blogs out there. They shall help you become a better leader and person. You shall learn more about what makes a good leader, and what you need to stop doing to become one.