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How to Buy Your First Wig

Wigs nowadays can be made from the finest human hair strands, and several have features that make them extremely comfortable for users with sensitive scalps brought on by medical conditions and procedures like alopecia areata and chemotherapy. Whatever is causing your hair loss, the following are pointers for buying your first hair wig:

Learn more about wigs.

What do they mean by the terms, wefted, Remy, and silk cap mean? Of course, these are mere examples. Now is a great time to know about the many wig features out there, how they can benefit the different types of hair loss, and the factors behind pricing.

Choose natural.

One great tip if you’re buying a wig for the first time is to copy your natural hair back when you liked it best. If you’re thinking of new and different styles, save them for your next purchases.

Fit some wigs!

Many wig shops offer wigs online, and as soon as you know what you want, these shops can offer great options. But prior to that, book a wig fitting to experiment with different styles. Those in the wig industry are usually experts in wigs and hair loss, so they can surely help you decide on the best wig to buy.

Seek advice from a friend.

Taking a trusted friend or relative to your wig fitting can help a lot. Having someone to support you and provide reliable feedback is always a plus.

More expensive isn’t always better.

Don’t assume that just a wig is expensive, it should be good. Wig technology and innovative designers have created many cost-effective options that look very natural.

Keep seeing your hairstylist.

Because a human hair wig can be cut and styled as much as natural hair, you can continue those salon visits when you want to get a new look once in a while. In fact, with some wigs, you may actually have to get a haircut so they fit your facial shape as perfectly as possible.

Learn the difference between synthetic hair wigs and real hair wigs.

Most things you can do with your natural hair can be done to human hair wigs, including heat-styling, and they have lace fronts too, making for a very natural-looking hairline. In contrast, synthetic wigs don’t look or behave as naturally, dry faster after you wash them, and need special wig shampoo. They also tend to cost less than human hair wigs. If you make the considerations before purchasing your first wig, you should end up with a good choice. Go for one that you’ll be confident and comfortable wearing, and make sure it fits your type of hair loss.

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